Following the purchase of the Icecrypt STC6000HD decoder, information on the device seems scarce and the manual only lists the first versions of Firmware. This page details the information that I have found / researched that has helped me get the best from this recieiver.


The STC6000HD has the capacity for 10,000 channels in total, made up from the TV and RADIO channels. This does sound a lot of channels but can be soon used up when scanning European Birds. I recommend using an FDU Editor to remove channels that you would never have access to, or consider removing full transponders from Bird locations.

If you have more than 10,000 channels, you will loose them in FIFO, and some corruption will occur, but you will not receive a warning. 

Web Control

There is a webIO application available on the internet that allows control of the Decoder via a web browser. This works really well although I can't get the EPG to work properly, but assume that is something to do with the configuration as I installed manually and not via the Plugin Menu.


The decoder can stream data from the recorded content or via the Timeshift recording via UPnP and via a direct stream. Use VLC to connect via the UPnP presentation and then gather the URL for remote use. You will need to port forward port UDP 2869 through your router to the decoder. This stream is very rich, so you may need to consider transcoding using VLC in real time.

DLNA Streaming

Internet TV +