After trying to find a reasonable priced solution for external switching, I came across this PCB by chance when on It's now a project in progress, but hopefully will be up and working soon. Parts are here and ready for a soldering, drilling, hammering and bolting time.



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External Switch

1 PCB - Sourced from SM2WMV (SJ2W)

Components (with CPC Part numbers)

CN11099    7    SOCKET, UHF PANEL MOUNT; Body Style:Stra  5-1814816-1             TE CONNECTIVITY     
PC01243    2SPACER, M-F, M3, 5MM, PK25; External Wid  R30-3000502             HARWIN              
EN82018    1    IP54 ALUMINIUM STANDARD & FLANGED LID EN  1590FFL                 HAMMOND             
SW02595    6    RELAY PCB DPCO 12VDC; Coil Resistance:36  RTE24012                SCHRACK COMPONENTS  
RE03679    6    VARISTOR, 2.5J 17VAC; Clamping Voltage V  B72210S0170K101         EPCOS               
CN14712    2    TERMINAL BLOCK, PCB, 5.08MM, 4WAY; Conne  1712805                 PHOENIX CONTACT     
SC07335    10   DIODE, 1A 400V; Diode Case Style:DO-41;   1N4004                  --                  
FN00795    1    M3 X 6 PAN SLOT STAINLESS SCREWS; Fasten  M3 x 6 Pan Slot Stai    --                  
FN00776    1    A2 STAINLESS STEEL FULL NUTS;             M3 Stainless Full Nu    --                  
FN00361    1    STEEL INTERNAL LOCK WASHERS;              INT WASHER M3           --                  
CB11664    1    CABLE GLAND, SKINTOP CLICK M16; Cable Di  53112686                LAPP KABEL          

Control Box 

M1VPN Designed, with interconnection to Band Decoder Arduino Project

SW04136    1    SWITCH, 2POLE, 6 POS; Angle of Throw:30°  CK1025                  LORLIN              
AV15317    1    2.1MM DC SOCKET                        .  PSG01769                PRO SIGNAL          
SC08232    10   LED, 5MM, BLUE; Bulb Size:T-1 3/4 (5mm);  LC503FBL1-30Q-A3-00001  CREE                
SC11603    1    LED, 5MM, INGAN, GREEN, 15DEG; Bulb Size  HLMP-CM1A-450DD         AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES  
SC08868    10   MOUNTING CLIP, RING, 5MM, LED; Holder Ty  HLMP-0103               AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES  
SW03722    1    KNOB, LOCK/POINT; Knob / Dial Style:Poin  352.61                  MENTOR              
CN14673    1    TERMINAL BLOCK, PCB, 2.54MM, 8WAY; Conne  1725711                 PHOENIX CONTACT     
CBBR5831   1    SLEEVED GROMMET 1/4" BORE; Cable Diamete  12468                   PRO POWER           
RE05026    1    RESISTOR, 0.5W 1% 470R; Power Rating:500  MF50 470R               MULTICOMP           
EN81239    1    STEEL CASES;This is a range of attractiv  1605                    --                  
SW02863    1    SWITCH, SPDT; Actuator Style:Flat Lever;  1MS1T6B11M1QE           MULTICOMP