Antennae at M1VPN

The station has a number of antennae for the Amateur Radio bands. These antennas are a mixture of commercial and home made.

Antenna Plan - 2013 - 2014


Hustler 6BTV Vertical

As described elsewhere, the antenna is a commercial vertical antenna, which was purchased when located at the previous QTH due to a small garden and neighbour concerns. 

This antenna performs quite well without radials, however is transformed when running only 5-10 35ft radials out from the base. Noise is reduced and transmit SWR stability (Bandwidth increases)

The Hustler 6BTV has both the DX Engineering Vertical Matching Network and a DXE Feed Choke, fed with SSB Ecoflex 10 Coaxial cable.

Off-Centre Fed Dipole

As described elsewhere, this antenna is home made / commercial sourced. Based on a number of designs and using a DX Engineering BALUN, and Kevlar relieved antenna wire, it spans 133 ft as indicated in the diagram above. This antenna is cut for 80m - 6m with a SWR at 1.5:1, and used with a Palstar AT-2K for tuning on 160 - 6m.

This antenna is approx. 30ft above ground, fed with SSB Ecoflex 10 Coaxial cable.


Beverage RX Antenna 

The Beverage antenna is run around the perimeter of the property to get the longest run possible, and whilst not a traditional straight line beverage antenna is used for N-S and S-N receive only. Fed with 75ohm coaxial and terminated with a DX Engineering BALUN and Reversible Beverage Controller.


Future HF - Planned in 2013 - 2014

RadioStructures Tower, 6m collapsed, 18m extended radio tower with electric winch capability.

Steppir DB18 40m - 6m 3/2 element HF beam